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If you want to make a lot of apps that share a common “engine” it is important not to repeat yourself. So for example if you have 10 jigsaw games, it would be foolish to have 10 separate projects using 95% shared code. Why? Well every time you make a change to the core code, you need to repeat it 10 times, once for each project which is a small nightmare to manage!

The guys at App Family follow this rule to a tee which makes it possible for us to add some pretty cool features to their game engines.

We added the latest feature to their Jigsaw Puzzle engine. Currently there are over 10 different games, sold separately, based on different themes such as dinosaurs, animals, cats, dogs, etc.

We thought it would be cool if the user could download any of the themed puzzle apps but have the ability to add new puzzle themes to that app. So for example if the user downloaded the dinosaurs puzzle, they could play the animals puzzle without having to download it separately.

We do this by downloading remotely hosted content into the app, unzipping it, organising it into a common folder/file structure and telling the app to look in a different place for its content.

It works extremely well so please be sure to check it out in action here: On Google Play

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